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Iguazu hosts an important cultural and natural heritage, result of the confluence of three countries connected by the Iguazu and Parana rivers. In this context, we point out some sites of interest that may complement your visit:

Iguazu JungleUrugua-í Provincial Park

Misiones, Argentina.

This park is one of the first protected areas in the province and it comprises a great part of the sub-basin of the Urugua-í water stream, which is one of the most important basins in the province, owing to its fauna’s diversity. It has a nature interpretation center and two paths to discover its flora and fauna. There is a picnic area next to the park rangers’ post, on the shores of the Uruzú River, on Provincial Road N º 19. Other parks worth to be mentioned are: Moconá (with its impressive falls), Salto Encantado and Teyú Cuaré.

Iguazu JungleComandante Andresito

Misiones, Argentina.

This city is located at the east of Iguazu National Park. Its name is a tribute to the Guarani soldier Andrés Guacurarí who, in 1815, was appointed General Commandant of the Province of Misiones and whose actions were fundamental in the region’s historical development. This department is a vivid resemblance of the area’s different colonization processes. Economic activities are diversified, combining traditional production with environmental sustainable practices. Andresito is also the starting point of many tourist circuits related to agro-ecotourism.

More info: www.misionesturismo.com.ar/andresito/

Iguazu JungleSaltos del Monday

Presidente Franco, Paraguay

Majestic falls at 15 km from Ciudad del Este, comprised within a 9 hectares’ natural reservation: Monday Municipal Park (pronounced “mondaí”). This water course falls into the Parana River, surrounded by the Upper Parana. You can find the Great Dusky Swift (Cypseloides senex), a characteristic bird of this area.

Videos: Saltos del Monday.

Iguazu JungleMoisés Bertoni’s Scientific Monument

Presidente Franco, Paraguay

Museum located in the Paraguayan jungle devoted to the history of the Swish writer and Scientist Moisés Santiago Bertoni, who settled on the margins of the Parana River at the ends of the XIX Century. He carried out transcendental research and experiments. The museum keeps personal belongings, manuscripts, letters and part of its library comprised bt 7,000 books, newspapers, magazines and rare maps of the XIX and XX centuries, among other worthy objects.

More info: www.itaipu.gov.py/es/turismo/monumento-bertoni

Iguazu Jungle Itaipú Dam

The dam is one of the largest operating hydroelectric facilities in the world; an attraction to both engineering specialists and public in general. It is a bi-national undertaking run by Brazil and Paraguay at the Paraná River on the border section between the two countries, which supplies energy to a significant territory in South America. As part of the complex, the eco-museum and ecological shelters are worth to be visited. Besides, they offer a magnificent lights’ show.

Más info: www.itaipu.gov.py/es/turismo-capa

Iguazu JungleParque Nacional do Iguaçu

The Brazilian counterpart of our national park. It comprises more than 185,000 hectares and it is managed by the ICMBio, the most important preservation organization in Brazil. They offer many recreational-tourist activities that visitors may enjoy while having a panoramic view of the Waterfalls.

More info: www.icmbio.gov.br   |   www.cataratasdoiguacu.com.br