Exploring Iguazu

The city of Iguazu offers different sites of interest that may enrich your visit and help you understand the region’s nature and culture.

Iguazu JungleAripuca

This is a family-run tourist project featuring a giant aripuca (trap made by the Guaraní natives and used to catch animals without hurting them) in order to to illustrate the importance of preserving the richness of the Misiones forest.

More info: www.aripuca.com.ar

Iguazu Jungle“Rodolfo Allou” Museum

This museum exhibits the life and work of Rodolfo T. Allou, a Paraguayan autodidact artist that chose Iguazu as his place in the world and made lots of works on native wood. The original sculpted pieces are the starting point for knowing the different scenarios of Misiones’ forest and its particular culture.

More info: www.imagenesdelaselva.com.ar

Iguazu JungleHummingbirds’ Garden

The garden of a family house serves as natural stage for this spectacular show. Many kinds of birds are gathered in this place, but the main attractions are the hummingbirds. Visitors can enjoy more than 15 species of these colorful tiny beauties. 

Videos: Hummingbirds’ Garden

Iguazu JungleSelva Viva

This thematic park offers two independent entertainment options: “Alive Jungle” during daytime and “Spirits of the Jungle” in the evening. “Alive Jungle” is an interpretative trip where visitors can intimately connect with life in the jungle and its ecological interaction. “Spirits of the Jungle” on the other hand, is a high-tech show with legendary jungle characters playing the leading role. This adventure, apart from entertaining, transmits a deep message regarding the environmental impact of our behavior towards nature.

More info: www.selvaviva.com

Iguazu JungleGüirá Oga

GüiraOga (“Bird’s House” in Guaraní language) is an institution that works in the rescue, rehab and re-introduction to natural environment of native fauna; mainly, jungle birds and other special species with a certain threaten degree or run-over in the roads. It also offers guided tours in order for visitors to understand the environmental issues affecting our Jungle’s animals.

More info: www.guiraoga.com.ar

Iguazu JungleThree Borders Milestone / Coastal Road

There are very few places in the world with the union of three different countries. This milestone is located at the confluence of the Rivers Iguazu and Parana. It is the perfect spot to observe the Brazilian and Paraguayan coasts. Each view-point has a pyramid with the colors of each country’s flag. This monument is accessible through the coastal road that surrounds the Iguazu River up to the local port. It is an ideal place for walks.
Imagen del atractivo.

Iguazú Jungle Download brochure “Destino Iguazú” developed by the Tourism Office of the prnce of Misiones.