Environmental Practices

Being a passenger of these tours, you are also contributing to nature’s preservation provided an important part of the generated income is re-invested in better preservation measures for Iguazu National Park and other reservations in Argentina.

Our company contributes to the preservation of this natural heritage by helping our staff and customers acquire environmental awareness. Furthermore, Iguazu Jungle adopted actual measures to diminish negative impacts. Just to mention a few:

  • Boats with four-stroke engines, which reduce water contamination with fuels and oils.
  • Electricity or LPG propelled vehicles, in order to reduce noise and gas elimination with greenhouse effect.
  • Classification of residues left/generated by park visitors, contributing with the recently founded Classification Cooperative at Puerto Iguazu

You can also perform eco-actions at home or when you travel. In the following lines you shall find some practical ideas.

Environmental Practices During Vacations

Environmental Practices at Home