Boarding Restrictions

Your Health First

Iguazu Jungle reminds you that Great Adventure and Nautical Adventure excursions are not suitable for children under 12 years old (children could be asked age ID documents), pregnant women, people with osteoporosis, neck, back conditions or surgery, people with heart conditions or surgery, people with COPD or neurological conditions or surgery, and any person with any physical, cognitive and/or sensorial disability unable to react in a nautical emergency in rapids of the lower Iguazú River. It is a very important safety measure because these trips involve climbing 150 mt steep ladders to reach different points. Besides, rapids’ navigation exposes people to constant and sudden movements

The non-fulfillment of this measure may seriously compromise the health of the visitor presenting any of these situations. It is worth remarking that these restrictions also apply to the first months of pregnancy and to those that underwent heart or back surgery at any time of their life.

As an alternative, our company offers a different service: the Ecological Trip. An intimate experience with nature, by non-motor rafts.